Tornado Watch SA
Not just a strong wind.


Do we have a tornado season in South Africa?

Most tornadoes events occur in mid-summer from November to January, although a large number of tornadoes have occurred in spring and early summer and in the late summer and autumn. Most tornado events occur in the late afternoon (16h00) or early evening.(19h00)

65% of South African tornadoes are classified as F0 to F1 (light damage) while more than 90% are classified as F0, F1 or F2 (considerable damage) or less. A classified F4 tornado occurred near Mount Ayliff in the Eastern Cape on 18 January 1999. The tornado killed 21 people and injured 500 leaving hundreds homeless. The tornado had a track of 120 km long. The estimated wind speed of an F4 tornado is between 350 - 400 km/h. As can be seen tornado season really means the peak period for historical tornado reports in South Africa and not the frequency/time of "real time" tornadic events.